Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rudolph the red nose... cake pop!

Yes, yes, I am still behind on posting countdown pics. What do you expect with it being only 2 days until Christmas? We had lots of baking to do. The boys and I have made all sorts of treats. We still have a list of treats to make today. I remember baking Christmas cookies and treats each year when I was little, spending the whole day in the kitchen with my mom and loving every minute of it. Of course that could have been because it was the one time I was allowed to play with food and licking chocolate covered spoons and bowls is always a treat! I love that my boys and I are carrying on the tradition. This is our favorite this year, got the how to from Bakerella's blog.


Rudolph the red nose cake pop!

I promise to try and get 4,3 and 2 of the countdown up ASAP! We need to make a trip to see Santa today the boys still haven't gotten their picture taken with him this year!


Angela Carol Photography said...

Those are freakin' adorable!!! Great job!

Bakerella said...

They are freakin' adorable. Congrats!