Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A late announcement

I will start out with an announcement for those of you that do not yet know we are expecting again.
It was definitely a shock when we found out, we were not trying and we thought we were out of the baby making biz. We are all very excited though, the boys and Chuck all really want a girl. I have a feeling we will have another boy though. We will all be happy either way as long as we have a healthy, happy, baby.

I have had such horrible morning sickness, which by the way I hate that they call it "morning" sickness when it sometimes last all day and through the night. I am finally starting to feel better and keeping my weight steady. I haven't lost any weight for a week and a half now. I had my first OB apt. and got to have a short U/S because the nurse could not find the heart beat with the hand held monitor. All we did was see/hear the heart beat and it was done. But I still got a glimpse of the baby which is always so neat.

They say I am due Sept. 13th by date of last menstrual but when we go by the day I think we conceived it changes to Oct 13th. So I am sure once we get the U/S with measurements we will be more sure of a due date.

Sunday was Easter, we had a wonderful day. The boys woke up extra early and found their baskets that the easter bunny left for them. They were so excited and showed us each thing that was inside. I cooked up a storm and they played with some of their new outside toys while we waited for company to arrive. All together it was a great day with lots of love and food.
A snap of the boys Easter Sunday:

I need to be a better blogger and hope that with all the new baby details I will be compelled to share more. :-)

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Corine Tran said...

Oh my congrats! Im so excited for you!