Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sparkler fun

On the 4th we had a wonderful time. We got lots of fun fireworks for the boys and of course sparklers. Chuck went a little overboard but I am sure glad he did because we have lots left and the boys just love watching them all even the small fountains. :D We had a nice time with the family. It's so fun watching all the boys together. It was Nevin's first time with a sparkler so I had to get some pictures.
Sparkler fun
Nevins first sparkler
Chuck had fun writing my name and "I <3 U"
I <3 U 2!
Nicholas and Nathaniel liked making circles around themselves:
We had a great time. I will have more to share from last nights "competition" over the lake. All the neighbors come out to their docks and set off what they have. We didn't know about it until we were doing some and one of the neighbors came and asked us to do them out on the dock so everyone could see. They had some REALLY cool ones. We had already done most of our bigger ones the night before but we still had fun watching all of theirs.

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