Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Silly boys

I took Nathaniel and Nevin outside for pictures this morning, This is the first one:
Nathaniel & Nevin
Which really captures their personalities. Nathaniel is a thinker and always a bit more serious than the other boys. Nevin on the other hand is so free spirited and playful. Now this is after Nevin decided to yell out "POOP!"
Nevin said something to make him less serious
What is it with boys thinking bodily functions are such a funny thing to talk about?! (I remember all my boys, excluding Nolan of course he is still to little and 2 of my nephews sitting at the dinner table and all you could hear is laughter and talk of bodily functions. Silly boys!) Nevin will just randomly say it and the boys laugh so it's been an on going thing.

One more of my silly little guys:
Silly boys

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Rachel said...

These are definitely frame worthy.