Sunday, February 1, 2009

So excited

Well, sense Nolan was born I have been trying to get even just a snap shot of all 4 of my boys together and it just doesn't work out. Christmas time we tried numerous times to get all 4 boys together for our Christmas card but again failed and had to be in the photo with them. Today I decided to set out once again to complete my mission once thought impossible. I GOT IT! All 4 of my boys together and all 4 LOOKING! Here they are, my gorgeous boys:
My life
I am ordering this extra big! Can't wait to hang it in my house! :)


ellegirl said...


JackieMomTo3 said...

yay finally!! looks great Jess!

Karen said...

I love it! Can't believe you did it with 4, i'm still trying to do it with 2!

Angela Carol Photography said...

Jess, that is too adorable!!! I love how Nolan is up there like his big brothers. That is going to look so great hanging up!!