Friday, December 12, 2008

The boys in the snow

I guess I forgot to post these...They are from last weekend. We got some Snow and the boys were DYING to play in it. It wasn't a whole lot but they sure made the best of it. Let me just add Being from California doesn't help with the whole driving in the snow thing. I felt like an idiot trying to get to the mall that day (literally 2 minutes from my house and I was still nervous) to use my Kohl's cash before it expired. Hey after all that Kohl's cash was one of the reasons I got up so early on black Friday. :)

Here is Nathaniel:
Yup he threw this at me
and yes he threw ALL of that on me right after I snapped this. Hit me in the face too. :P
So happy
And boy was he proud of himself!

Nicholas decided to make a snow angel on the concrete slab we have in the backyard:

snow angel

Nathaniel was right behind him:
snow angel

Nevin was too worried that the ducks and geese were "freezing cold" to enjoy himself really. He was just hanging out by the fence telling me they were going to be sick.
"poor duckies"
Notice the cotton glove on his hand. He had a hard time getting his new gloves on I ended up going out that day and getting him some snow mittens instead and he seemed to have a lot easier of a time and they matched his snowsuit too. :) I did manage to get a smile out of him.
Right before this:
DSreadt to go in
Poor duckies. We are looking forward to enough snow to go sledding. :)

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