Monday, August 25, 2008

In a day

Two of my boys marking big milestones in a day, Of course the pregnancy hormones don't help much with my emotions, but time just goes by too fast! Nevin is THREE today, My little guy has grown so much!
5 days before the big THREE!
Cuddly, smiley, bouncy, energized, silly, goofy, clumsy, tough, playful, clever, sneaky, rough, curious, talkative, cheerful, jolly, macho, lively, noisy, upbeat, wacky, blue-eyed, bright, messy, quirky, sweet, loving, unique, precious, stud, little, adorable!

Nicholas started 1st Grade today, My little helper will be gone all day. I sure will miss all the conversations we have and questions he asks during the day. Of course he LOVES school and was way excited for it to start.
First day of 1st Grade!

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Rachel said...

Gosh they are gorgeous, Jess! Great pictures!