Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween fun

The boys were excited for Halloween so they woke up nice and early. I guess they didn't understand that the trick-or-treating had to wait until after Nicholas went to school and it was night time. Nathaniel ended up having a nice Halloween nap:
Halloween nap

I decided to take pictures of Nolan while Nathaniel slept because he was wide awake.
His onsie says "Snack-o-lantern" which suits him well. Notice he is getting mighty chunky. I love it!

After Nicholas got home from school we got the boys ready to trick-or-treat at the mall. Here they are ready to go:
boys 1

boys 2

bat on the go

a better view of Mr. Bat:

We had a great time at the mall and the boys got TONS of candy. We came home to eat and dump their buckets before we met up with their cousins and trick-or-treated at some houses. It was a fun night!

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