Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nathaniel the helicopter

I got the boys all a propeller hat. Yes even Nolan, although it's quite big on him. :P Nathaniel was loving his and saying he was a helicopter. He also enjoys the fact that he has a hat like Pablo, from the backyardigans.
Of course I had to take some shots of anyone who was willing to let me and that was Nathaniel the other boys just wanted to play and not be bothered. So me and Nathaniel made silly faces and I snapped away.

Silly face 2

Silly face 1

Look I can fly if I spin this...
I can fly

Love his smile
I love his smile

Look at my funny face mom!

It was lots of fun!
O this is FUN!

Propellers are cool


Nicole Montgomery said...

love that hat! Great shots!

Karen said...

Now that second shot...That looks like MY Nathaniel. I don't even know what to name it. Stretchy face man? Too funny. Lovely as always (except for Stretchy Face Man, but I think I'm just bitter.)